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air pillow film

Environmental protection filler “air pillow film”

Air pillow film is a new type of environmental protection filler, which is widely used in logistics express delivery and luggage filling space. It can prevent articles from moving and shaking in the box during transportation, play an anti-shock and buffering role, greatly save the storage space of filler and effectively save the packaging cost.

Normal specifications of 20 * 10cm/20 * 12cm/20 * 15cm/20 * 20cm, with a thickness of 15um to 40um, which can be customized according to customer requirements. To meet your specific gap filling needs, including blocking and supporting, filling smaller gaps, carton lining, product interlacing and light product packaging.

The appearance of ShinerPack air pillow film has gradually replaced the fillers such as newspaper waste and copying paper. It has the advantages of simple packaging, cleanliness, economy and environmental protection, and is widely used in the filling of handbags, bags and other commodities.

Compared with other filling materials, ShinerPack air pillow film greatly reduces the amount of cushioning materials and environmental pollution caused by cushioning packaging, and at the same time, the air bag can greatly reduce the weight of the packaged product. Reduce logistics and transportation costs. Compared with the traditional cushioning material “foam”, the filled air bag has better flexibility and elasticity, and better cushioning effect on the protected articles. The filled air bag can be added according to the specific gap size of the package, so that the articles will not shake and be protected from damage during transportation and handling. ShinerPack filled air bag is practical, beautiful, clean and environmentally friendly, and promotes brand image.

air pillow film
air pillow film

How to inflate the air pillow film roll?