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79 Games Like Bejeweled

If you’ve ever spent any time with the original Bejeweled, you’d know that there’s something about the game that makes you want to keep playing for hours on end. Bejeweled 2 features several different gameplay modes. Four game modes are available from the start, and the secret game modes are unlocked after reaching specific benchmarks in each of the game modes. If a secret game mode is discovered, a question mark button will appear on the main menu screen, which shows the secret game modes.

  • The enduring simplicity and popularity of Bejeweled have spawned some of the most complex gameplay mechanics seen in any modern puzzle game.
  • Not only does this game spam you with micro transactions, they effectively enforce it by removing constellations after a certain level.
  • If all eighty puzzles were solved, a notification informing that Cognito mode has been unlocked appears afterward.
  • Wins are made horizontally and vertically when 3 or more gems are adjacent on the reels; however, diagonal wins are not possible in Bejeweled 2.
  • I even disabled the high resolution graphics to make it go faster, but it is time consuming and boring to watch these graphics over and over….buy it and you’ll see.
  • Most users are familiar with Bejeweled, the classic puzzle game that requires you to line up jewels of the same color in order to eliminate them from the grid.

In the top-left corner of the screen online casino no deposit bonuses is a widget that displays the puzzles of a world, which are indicated by circular icons called puzzle pods. When a puzzle is completed, the pod of that puzzle merges into the central part of the widget. When four puzzles of a world have been solved, the center of the widget transforms into a button that allows entry to the next world. The widget also features a button that shows the Galaxy Map, a mini-map that displays all the worlds of Puzzle mode. This can be used for backtracking and traveling to any unlocked/previously explored worlds.

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Tumble bugs offers a similar game-play to the Popular Zuma Series and allows you to enjoy an immersive game-play experience. A slight difference is the presence of Bugs instead of the colored balls or marbles etc. In the game your task is to to hit the bugs with the same colored bugs and stop them from reaching the center. In other words you can say that the player must stop the bugs from reaching the underground lair of Black Bug Empire. With great power-ups, beautiful visuals and sounds and a beautiful environment, TumbleBugs provides with an amazingly addictive and catchy game-play.

Resco Pc Games

To destroy the fruits, you have to match at least three similar fruits, and you’ll get amazing rewards like Bomb, Rocket, and others that can be used to clear the level quickly. Fruit Splash Mania offers core features such as Blast your way, Leaderboards, Five Modes, Explore Juicy Environments, Challenging Obstacles, and more. Monster Busters is a fun new Match-3 Puzzle video game by the top ranking developer PurpleKiwii. The game offers a typical Match-3 puzzle gameplay and similar mechanics to any other game of this particular genre. What’s different is that, instead of jellies, jewels, and candies, it features monsters. The players can simply connect three or more of the same colored monsters and save the Gingerbread Cookie fellows.

Bejeweled Games

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The gems are in all shapes and colors to give you a lively experience. If you love the glitter, colorful, and vibrant jewel-like atmosphere, then this no download required, will have that for you. It has cascading reels, which means you can win over and over again from a single spin as the gems explode and new ones fall into place. In Bejeweled Blitz, though it is the time-based game and still features AHM mechanics, NMM is rarely guaranteed. However, once it happened, the game’s voice will say “TIME UP” and immediately trigger the Last Hurrah and detonating all special gems and Boosts , but the timer doesn’t empty and still runs as normal.

“Jewels Star” is a great alternative to “Jewel Quest”. Magnetica, developed by Mitchell Corporation and published by Nintendo is a great Match-3 type Puzzle video game. This match-3, puzzle game is playable only on Nintendo Devices such as Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii. Magnetica features a resembling game-play and graphics to Zuma and lots of other big names of this specific genre. Magnetica lets you fire and match differently colored marbles with the ones rolling towards the center.

The Flash and PopCap plugin versions have been preserved in some archival projects, including BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint. Classic, Action, Puzzle, Endless, and Original are available from the start, while Twilight, Hyper, Cognito and Finity are unlocked after reaching certain points of each game mode. Remember that it will disappear once you have activated it. In Bejeweled Stars, since it is a moves-based game, it is wise to wait closer to the end of your moves to set off your hypercube.