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Air Bubble Wrapping Film

Speed up your shipping safely by using air bubble cushion wrapping film! Perfect alternative to bubble wrap, save your valuable warehouse with bubble wrapping film and air cushion machine.

  • Variety of materials: Hdpe, Ldpe, Pape, Biodegradable
  • Bubble diameters: 25mm, 30mm, or customizable
  • On-demand inflating with air cushion machine
  • Recycle and reuse

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air cushion machine


Air Bubble Wrapping Film for Air Cushion Machine

Air bubble wrapping film is an excellent packaging materials to line boxes, wrap corners or fold to hold your products in place. It is perfect to wrap pottery, glassware, electronics and other breakable or fragile items.


  • Simple, easy to use.
  • Save valuable warehouse space. One roll film makes several times the volume of bubbles.
  • Work with air cushion machine to improve packing efficiency.
  • Optional materials: nylon, hdpe, ldpe, biodegradable pe.
  • Optional bubble size: 33mm*15mm, 20mm*15mm (inflated).
  • Default perforation line added every 330 mm.

air bubble packaging
air bubble packaging
bubble wrap packaging

air bubble wrap

air cushion film


Additional information


300 meters (984 feet)


40cm (16")


20/30 microns, customizable

Perforated every

33cm (11.8")



Net weight

4.2kg (9.26 pounds)




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