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Honeycomb Paper

More eco friendsly than bubble wrap, honeycomb paper looks nice and protect everything. It’s durable and reliable for light weight fragile goods. If you are looking for something with less plastic, honeycomb paper is your ideal choice.

  • Protect your shipments. Honeycomb paper wrap is an effective cushion that protects the contents of your package.
  • Durable & reliable protection. Shinerpack protective honeycomb wrap is ideal for packing fragile items and ensuring that they arrive safely.
  • Green and recyclable.  The honeycomb roll is made from kraft paper and is a sustainable and recyclable packaging solution.
  • Easy to use. Honeycomb wrap is perforated for convenience and ease of use. There’s no need for scissors or blades, simply tear and use as needed.

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Features of Honeycomb Paper

  • A variety of sizes can be customized, the sufficient quantity can meet your various packing needs.
  • ShinerPack honeycomb cushion paper is made of high-quality kraft paper that is sturdy, recyclable, eco-friendly, biodegradable and can reduce product damage during express transportation and provide a good cushioning effect.
  • Great packing choice: the honeycomb cushion paper is design with the honeycomb cells structure that can reduce the accumulation of plastic packaging materials and save the storage space, suitable for wrapping, shipping, moving, storing, and protecting fragile items, and make your packing process easier.
  • Wide range of uses: honeycomb cushion paper is quite suitable for packing fragile or delicate items, such as dishes, pictures, glassware,vases,cups, plates, silverware, ceramics, artworks, etc., to keep items staying intact and safe from knocking into each other and breaking.
  • Easy to use: it is easy and convenient to use the honeycomb cushion paper, which has a good cushioning effect just by stretching it; you can finish the packing by yourself with no need of extra packing tools like glue, scissor, tape, etc. It makes your packing process quick and effective.



Brown, White


510mm*250m (20"*820'), 380mm*250m (15"*820')


10kg, 7.45kg

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