Paper Cushioning

Paper cushioning is an eco-friendly, strong, and costs effective Kraft paper protective packaging material formed with hexagonal cells formation. It is used in inner as well as outer packaging. It can also be used as a shock absorbent, as a shield. It protects finished, polished, or painted surfaces from marring, scuffing, abrasion, and scratching during shipping, handling, and distribution. It is cost-effective due to its recyclable properties.

honeycomb paper cushion



Whether filling voids, cushioning from impact shock or blocking and bracing goods against transport damage: ShinerPack’s paper cushioning offers all-around perfect protection for your packaged goods, whether they’re small and fragile or bulky and heavy. ShinerPack offers a variety of paper cushioning systems that produce just the right packaging materials for every requirement and can be used individually or integrated into existing packaging processes.

Innovative shapes enable optimal cushioning and exceptional stability with limited use of materials and a lower pack weight. Using our paper cushioning, you can save valuable storage space and send your products on the way well protected.