Air Column Packing

Superb air cushion packaging material designed to protect fragile products that need better protection, air column packing bag is widely used in electronics, consumer goods, food and beverages, personal care and household products and pharmaceutical. ShinerPack focuses on protective packaging solutions. We have developed applicable solutions to various fields to meet versatile packaging needs.

air column packing for macbook

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Air column packing bag is designed to meet the packaging needs of the business that need void fill and protect your products quickly and conveniently. Its flexible capabilities bridge the gap between traditional void fill and cushioning applications. Air column bag provide superior protection compared to traditional shipping materials.

Air column bag can be shipped flat and inflated on-demand. Once inflated the valve seals each tube independently from each other. It needs fewer warehouse space to store than bubble wrap or foams. If one tube is broke, other tubes still keep its cushion protective ability. This feature makes it an excellent air cushioning packaging.