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Air Column Bag for Laptop

Air column bag provides laptop  cushioning protection effect not less than the factory packaging, ever better. In addition to providing air cushion protection for the laptop, the air column bag can also fill the space between the inner box and the outer packaging box.

  • Tough material provides excellent cushioning protection
  • Customizable size for laptops from 12 inches to 15 inches
  • Easy to inflate and simple to pack

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Air column cushion packaging

Air column bag has unparalleled cushion protection performance. They are widely used as protective packaging materials for glassware, ceramics, porcelain, small appliances, consumer electronics and other fragile products.You can use a hand pump, air compressor, or air column making machine to inflate it. The use of air column packaging helps your products reach customers quickly and safely.

The features of air column bag

  • Inflate on demand air cushion bags ideal for protecting electronic items
  • A premium alternative to bubble wrap, foam fittings, divider packs and other in-box solutions
  • Supplied with or without an outer cardboard box
  • Designed to protect laptops, tablets, hard drives and other electronic products
  • Choose to inflate using an air compressor or manual hand pump
air column bag
air column bag
air column bag
air column bag

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