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Global Business 101

global business and intenrational business

It’s a small, yet extremely connected world. It certainly is with regard to the ability to access information across the globe and the connection you have with business leaders and key decision makers in every part of the world. This is nowhere more evident than in global business, which covers any company or organisation that conducts business outside its home country.

As the complexity of global commerce and trade become more complex, companies both small and large must make sure they are equipped to navigate these new challenges. This means knowing the nuances, politics and implications of international business, and knowing how to collaborate with partners and colleagues from countries that are different than their own.

The undergraduate Journal of Global Business and Trade The journal, also known as JGBT is a journal that features reports, articles and commentary that are relevant to global business. It is also an official journal of the Consortium for Undergraduate International Business Education (CUIBE).

If you’re a business owner who is thinking of entering international markets or want to make sure your team is prepared for the future, it’s crucial to know the impact of cultural differences on your company’s success abroad. This includes learning about the customs such as holidays, beliefs, holidays and social norms of various cultures you might encounter in your global business endeavors. This is an excellent method to improve your “export intelligence.” It’s also important to know how to interact with business associates from different countries. For instance the different cultures have different standards for personal space and greetings.


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