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If use kraft paper to replace your existing packaging materials …

Brief Analysis of Buffer Packaging Filled with Kraft Paper for Industrial Packaging

01 Present situation of plastic cushioning packaging

Buffer packaging, also known as shock-proof packaging, generally refers to the packaging with certain protective function to slow down the impact and vibration of internal products and protect them from damage. Plastic cushioning packaging materials, such as EPE, EPS, instant foam, bubble pad and so on, are widely used in the market. Widely used in household appliances, precision instruments, glass ceramics, etc., mainly used as packaging containers such as buffer pads, buffer bags, buffer boxes, etc.

At present, a huge problem faced by plastic cushioning packaging materials is the low overall recovery rate. In Europe and America, the recovery rate of plastic packaging is around 25%. The cost fluctuation of plastic buffer packaging is greatly affected by raw materials, petroleum and additives, and the price is unstable. Relatively speaking, kraft paper packaging processing technology is mature and the price is relatively stable. From the point of view of environmental protection, plastic products stay in nature for a longer time than garbage produced by paper, and a large number of uses need to give nature a certain digestion time.

02 Paded kraft paper buffer packaging

Kraft Paper, a high-grade packaging paper made of kraft wood pulp, has a high sizing degree, and is named for its tenacity and firmness like cowhide. The basis weight is generally between 30 ~ 100 g/m ㎡, which is divided into three grades of A, B and C, and can be calendered or not by paper machine. According to the appearance of paper, there are single-sided light, double-sided light and stripes. There are bleaching and unbleached paper, mostly natural paper with yellow-brown color. Kraft paper has high mechanical strength, good bursting strength and longitudinal tear, elasticity, good water resistance, moisture resistance and printability, and is widely used in food sales packaging and transportation packaging.

kraft paper
kraft paper

One-step molding, pressing and fastening has strong bearing capacity and good buffering effect.

Filled kraft paper buffer packaging is a kind of long-fiber and high-toughness kraft paper which is made into paper rolls or pads by special equipment, and the products are fixed, wrapped or filled, thus playing an all-round buffer protection role for the products.

03 Kraft paper pad characteristics

According to the packaging requirements in the box, it can meet the four functions of filling, winding, fixing and buffering. Kraft paper cushion packaging system, after the standard test of American International Safe Transport Packaging Association, has proved that it has excellent performance for many kinds of products with different weights, sizes and fragility, and these performances fully meet the military standard of the US Navy Packaging Order MI-P-259596, which is recognized by the military department, so the paper cushion system is also recognized and designated for use by the US military.

Design inspiration

It comes from a long-standing simple packaging method: ordinary paper has a good cushioning effect after being folded and crumpled, but the random method can not meet the strict packaging requirements. Therefore, a special shaper is invented to fold kraft paper systematically into cushioning paper pads to suit products of different shapes, sizes and weights.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • Three-dimensional cushion paper pad has high stiffness and strong supporting performance;
  • Play an effective role in buffering, filling, fixing and protecting products;
  • The paper output speed of the equipment is fast, up to 23 m/min, the mat forming rate of kraft paper is up to 92%, and the material utilization rate is high, which can effectively reduce the cost compared with other materials;
  • Kraft paper mat belongs to “green” packaging;
  • The cushion paper itself occupies a certain volume and the packing operation is time-consuming.

Forming process
raw kraft paper
padded mahine
different shape to pack

04 Application case

Buffer paper is widely used in Europe and America, and the applicability of the market also demonstrates that cushion paper pad has many advantages in product filling and wrapping protection packaging. Cushion paper pad can effectively solve almost any protection packaging problem. Whether it is the shipment of heavy gear boxes abroad or the shipment of new smart phones, cushion paper can provide a solution combining high productivity and protection.

lighting package
motor vehicle parts
food box
laptop express
accessory part
  • fragile cargo
  • cosmetics
  • skin care product
  • automobile parts
  • furniture
  • fruit
  • Gift box buffer material

In the modern packaging industry system, paper and paper packaging containers occupy a very important position. Paper packaging materials account for 40% ~ 50% of the total packaging materials in some developed countries, and about 40% in China. From the development trend, the amount of paper wrapping materials will be increasing.

The reason why packaging materials dominate the packaging field is that they have unique advantages: wide sources of raw materials, low cost, diverse varieties and easy mass production; Good processability, convenient composite processing and excellent printing performance; Has certain mechanical properties, light weight and good cushioning; Good hygiene and safety; Waste can be recycled without white pollution.

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