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Secure Data Room for M&A and Legal Transactions

A secure data room is an online repository used to provide confidential business documents during due diligence, funding, and legal transactions. Traditionally due diligence was carried out in physical locations such as rooms in a corporate headquarters, law firm offices, or even a central secure place, but now the data is saved digitally and is accessible whenever needed via a virtual platform.

If sensitive documents must be shared with multiple people, it is more likely that they will end in the hands of the wrong users if you utilize generic file-sharing software like Google Drive or email than when you use a data room. Furthermore, while these tools are great for routine file sharing, they don’t have the security features that are critical when sharing information with specific third parties in transactions or deals for example, user restriction options, granular auditing watermarks, etc.

With CapLinked, an encrypted data room is a simple software solution that provides ironclad security to enable collaboration and document exchange with a select group of third parties during an M&A or capital raising process. It comes with a full suite of advanced features that allow you to remove sensitive information automatically from folders and files. You can also search text within an image and create multiple versions (e.g. This includes a full suite of advanced features that permit you to redact sensitive information from folders and files, search text within images, and create multiple versions of documents (e.g. These tools allow teams to finish projects quicker and make better decisions during mergers and acquisitions or other business events.


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