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What is attractive air bubble film?

bubble film
bubble film

Air bubble film

Air Bubble Film Roll
The bubble film “gourd film”is actually similar to the bubble bag we usually see, but this called a gourd because a bubble is connected in the middle, in the shape of a gourd.
The general bubble bag has separate bubbles, but the cucurbit film is much better material than the bubble bag, the bubbles can also be made much larger, the protection performance is also better, it can be wrapped, can be wrapped, and has a wide range of applicability.
air cushion overhead hopper system
Shiner Packaging provides S2 fast inflator, which is easy to operate, fast and reliable, and takes up less space.
It is a good helper for fast inflation of cucurbit film buffer packaging, we also provides A2, S3, S7 fast inflators, the inflation speed is from 12 meters per second to 30 meters per second, and is equipped with an automatic winding system, which can help enterprises reduce storage area, save labor, and improve packaging efficiency.
Use SHINERPACK multifunctional inflator to make your own buffer packaging, which is fast, small, and easy to operate, helping you save time, save costs, and improve efficiency! It is suitable for bubble film, filling bag, four-section bulb and double-section column.

1/ Save storage space and improve packaging efficiency

Traditional packaging materials, such as paper and plastic, take up a lot of packaging space and are relatively heavy, which leads to an increase in the cost of product packaging. The new packaging material of Xiaona Packaging adopts nine layers of co-extruded film, which is light in material. Before being inflated, it is in a flat state. After inflating, it is composed of 90% air and 10% plastic film. The new packaging material is not only light, but also occupies less space, which greatly reduces the weight and volume of product packaging. The new inflatable packaging is easy to inflate, which can greatly improve the work efficiency of employees and reduce labor costs.

2/ Significant protective effect

The new packaging inflatable bag will not be affected by the road conditions and cause the product to be upside down and displaced, and its support ability and fixing ability are extremely strong. Shiner packaging air column bag has the function of automatic air locking, even if a single air column is pierced, it will not affect other air columns. Most of our air column bags are composed of air, with excellent cushioning performance and good puncture resistance of the film, so they are the first choice for packaging products.

3/ Meet environmental protection requirements

The inflatable packaging bag is a non-breathable inflatable bag (inflatable column) formed by laminating LLDPE and NYLON, which is a medical-grade substrate. The basic material of Xiaona inflatable bag is tested by SGS and ROHS without any heavy metals, and it is non-toxic when burning, and meets the characteristics of airtightness, moisture resistance and environmental protection. No matter in any conditions of production, use or placement, it is completely clean and will not cause any pollution.

In general, the production of bubble film is close to the concept of environmental protection, and the low price and the trend of e-commerce are favorable. It is welcomed by many merchants, which proves that the application of bubble film is gradually widespread, and it is gradually valued by e-commerce logistics and the demand is growing.

The bubble film itself has strong buffer protection, and it is undoubtedly a smart way to use free air for protection, which can not only reduce the use of plastics, reduce costs for sellers, but also reduce the use of resources on the earth. In this way, the use of bubble film packaging is a relatively good buffer packaging solution.

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