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2022 Hot Sale–Air Column Bag, Air Column Packing, Column Air Packaging, Air Tube Packaging

What is air column bag?

Air column bags, also known air cushion bags, recycle packaging air bags, air packing bags, packaging air bags, inflatable packaging bags, air filled bag, inflatable packaging airbags, are new air filled packing material in the 21st century.


The comprehensively covered air column buffer protection minimizes the product transportation loss rate.

The air column bag is made of LDPE and NYLON laminating or co-extrusion. It has the properties of stretch resistance and balance. It has good surface printability. It is a medical grade substrate. Through continuous pressing, an air-tight inflatable column is formed. The protective film is made into an air column protective bag called air column bag.

Using physical principles, one time inflation, full row full, automatic air lock, forming a diving cabin, encounter damage, only the damaged single air column partially fails, the rest of the air column is completely unaffected and still maintains the protective effect.

It provides long-term storage and transportation without air leakage and anti-seismic protection, and the air-column-type comprehensive covering buffer protection reduces the damage rate to a minimum.

The air column bag complies with ROHS specifications, no matter it is produced, used or placed under any circumstances, there is no pollution.

The characteristics of air column bag

  • The material is non-toxic, recyclable, and has no environmental problems.
  • The production process is all tailor-made by computer, no mold is required, and the delivery time is fast and the cost is low.
  • Simple packaging, improved protection, saving freight and reducing storage space.
  • Improve the appearance and image of product packaging.
  • The air can be automatically locked after inflation.
  • Even if one air column is damaged, it will not affect the buffer protection effect of the entire air column bag on the product.

Advantages of air column bag packaging

  • High-quality LDPE+15%PA film, sturdy and durable, with high air tightness. The protection performance is more secure.
  • The basic material has been tested without any heavy metals, is non-toxic in combustion, and meets the characteristics of airtightness, moisture-proof and environmental protection. It is the best choice to replace styrofoam, EPE, and pulp in this century.
  • The cushion air column bag is inflated with air before use, and is designed to fit the product, so it has the following advantages:
  • Low cost: The cost of the air column bag is very low. Anyone who knows about air column bags knows that modern process production is mechanized and automated, air column bags are extremely efficient, and do not need to open, try, and change molds, so it can save a lot of R&D and production costs.
  • Save space and save trouble: Compared with traditional packaging, the air column bag has less space and better protection effect. The most important thing is that consumers no longer have to worry about a lot of garbage after they get the goods.
  • Recyclable, belonging to the 7th recycling standard
  • Reduce the packaging process and save manpower
  • No pollution
  • At the same time, it can also provide long-term storage and transportation without leakage of seismic protection

The scope of application of air column bag

The air column bag has a wide range of applications. As long as it is related to the packaging and the products that need to be transported, the air column bag can be used. It is a substitute for EPE, EPS, paper plastic, low cost, environmental protection, and good cushioning performance. Mainly summarized as follows:

  • Packaging of electronic products

Electronic products are everywhere in the 21st century. People’s lives can be said to be a bit too boring without electronic products. But electronic products are too fragile and can easily break. For example, the display screen, the touch screen is broken, etc. In this case, a lot of people will choose to change a part. At this time, using an air column bag can ensure that these fragile items will not be damaged due to transportation. Besides, TVs, cameras, etc. can also be packed in inflatable bags.

  • Protection of handicrafts

Fragile fired products, such as glass, concave-convex mirrors, pottery, porcelain, etc., have a large price difference. This inflatable air column bag for cushioning during transportation will reduce losses. Of course, if it is applied to archaeology, the transportation of antiquities can be said to reduce a lot of risks.

  • Protection of precision instruments

For precision instruments or expensive products, such as pianos and medical equipment, the most important thing is accuracy. Collision and bumps will have a great impact on their quality. It can be said that the appearance of inflatable air column bags has greatly improved this situation, because the inflatable bags themselves are pressure-resistant and impact-resistant.

  • Protection of explosive products

Because many chemical products react with air and are flammable and explosive, in order to ensure safety, the use of inflatable bags can block the oxygen, which greatly improves the situation.

  • Protect products with poor impact resistance

For example, chemical fiber products, floor tiles, building materials, lighting equipment, etc. are all effectively protected. To put it bluntly, as long as there is a packaging, you can use the air column inflatable bag.

  • Wooden furniture, iron furniture, lighting equipment, fibers, chemical products, medicines, floor tiles, steel plates, boilers, building materials, etc.



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