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One Save Your Cost Packaging Solution–Air Column Bag

Let see what is Air column bag, how to use it? Air Column Bag Applications: Air column bag is a high cost-effective choice for small factories, warehouses, companies, e-commerce, stores, express logistics, printing supplies industry, ceramics and cosmetics, fragile products, wine bottle protector, inflatable bottle protector, glass bottle, glass, electronic products, cell phone, iPad, laptops, Macbook, […]

Biodegradable Packaging–Honeycomb Paper Wrap Roll

About this item PROTECT YOUR SHIPMENTS – Use Metronic protective honeycomb paper wrap to make sure every package arrives safe and sound. Honeycomb wrap is an effective cushion that protects the contents of your package. Adds additional padding and keeps your items secure during the shipping and handling process. Ensure damage-free delivery and keep your […]

Honeycomb paper sleeve

What is the honeycomb paper sleeve? Honeycomb paper sleeve is a new type of buffer packaging solution Here is a video: Honeycomb paper sleeve Advantage: Fully biodegradable, this packaging material is made of fully degradable kraft paper into a bee shape Beautiful appearance, strong sense of honeycomb design, can achieve the effect of anti-drop and […]

2022 Hot Sale–Air Column Bag, Air Column Packing, Column Air Packaging, Air Tube Packaging

What is air column bag? Air column bags, also known air cushion bags, recycle packaging air bags, air packing bags, packaging air bags, inflatable packaging bags, air filled bag, inflatable packaging airbags, are new air filled packing material in the 21st century. Introduction The comprehensively covered air column buffer protection minimizes the product transportation loss […]

Air Column Bag, Air Column Packing, Column Air Packaging, Air Tube Packaging

Q Air Column Bag Air column bag (inflatable air bags) is designed to meet the packaging needs of the business that need void fill and protect your products quickly and conveniently. Its flexible capabilities bridge the gap between traditional void fill and cushioning applications. You can create a column bag to fill any gaps and […]

Biodegradable Environmental Protection Paper Air Pillow Bags

Paper Air Pillow Bags–Biodegradable Material Through more than a year of research and experiment, biodegradable environmental protection Paper Air Pillow bags have been released! Environmental problems are becoming more and more serious. Countries around the world have introduced policies to restrict plastics. People’s demand for environmentally friendly materials is growing day by day. However, our […]


Industrial Buffer Air Cushion Machine Excellent Performance! Efficient and stable. The team independently developed the software system and equipment stability, and passed the EU CE and North American UL certification, meeting the global machine use safety standards.Intelligent and convenient. The intelligent operation interface and LED screen display can adjust the running time of the machine […]