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Biodegradable Environmental Protection Paper Air Pillow Bags

Paper Air Pillow Bags–Biodegradable Material

  • Through more than a year of research and experiment, biodegradable environmental protection Paper Air Pillow bags have been released!
  • Environmental problems are becoming more and more serious. Countries around the world have introduced policies to restrict plastics. People’s demand for environmentally friendly materials is growing day by day. However, our daily life is inseparable from the use of various inflatable filling bags. In the past decade, the use of a large number of plastic inflatable filling materials has attracted the attention of various governments, and the contradiction is becoming increasingly prominent.
  • After nearly a year of scientific and technological research, our company has successfully developed fully degradable and compostable biodegradable inflatable filling bag products to meet the needs of the market. It maintains the characteristics of the original plastic film inflatable bag and has strong pressure bearing capacity. It can completely replace the existing plastic film inflatable bag. The launch is favored by customers.
  • We have different sizes of products to meet the actual needs of packaging in different scenarios.
  • Product size, 20 cm (5 inches) roll width, length from 140 meters to 220 meters. The paper core is suitable for different inflators. There are no special requirements for the inflator. It can be inflated directly with the existing inflator.
  • The impact of express fillers on the environment has become more and more obvious through 10 years of rapid development. In the continuous pursuit of economic benefits, it has become thinner and thinner, which is the same as the shopping vest bag, which can not be recycled. There is an urgent need for a completely degradable material to replace plastic film products. After more than two years of research, deployment and testing, Guangdong Shiner Packaging Co., Ltd. Finally, developed a new product to replace plastic film at the end of 2021. Among them, several indexes such as heat sealing and compression resistance are not inferior to plastic film inflatable bags.
  • Degradable full biological filling paper air pillow bags will be a substitute for the existing plastic film inflatable bag. In terms of use, there is no need to change the machine and equipment of any terminal. Customers can use inflatable bags as before.
  • Paper air pillow bags are made of kraft paper and starch based materials, which solves the problem that the filling products in the logistics express industry are not environmentally friendly. It will be a new favorite that can be expected.

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