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Computer Packaging –Air Column Bag

What Is Air Column Bag?

  • Air column bag is also called buffer air column bag and inflatable bag. The air column bag completely wraps the product, which can well protect the product during transportation. It is a new type of packaging material in the 21st century.
  • Packaging items: glasses,circuit,boards,books,liquid items,handbags,suitcase,bags,electroniccs, glass jars and bottles, such as vinegars, syrups, minced garlics, spices, bbq sauces, etc.

The Advantage of Air Column Bag

  • Good protection performance: the material uses 7 layers of PA / PE coextrusion film, and the nylon layer has two layers, which is translucent. It is strong and durable. Each column has good air tightness and strong pressure bearing capacity, which can well prevent damage, deformation, leakage and so on. Even if one column of the gas column bag is broken, the buffer protection effect of the gas column bag on the product will not be affected.
  • Environmental protection: the materials are environment-friendly, recyclable, environment-friendly, pollution-free and non-toxic.
  • Low cost: the air column bag is stored in the non inflated state before use, with small volume, saving 98% of the storage cost and freight. In addition, the production process is all customized by computer, there is no need to make molds, and the delivery time is fast.
  • It has fast inflation speed, can be used conveniently and quickly, and reduces the packaging process.
  • Wide scope of application: it is widely used in all walks of life. It can package products that are easy to be damaged, broken and leaked, such as electronics, communication, security industry, household appliances, electrical appliances, milk powder, wine, fruits, vegetables, FMCG, daily necessities, lamps, lighting, porcelain, art and so on.
  • Image: beautiful and generous, significantly improved, and the product grade has well improved the corporate image.
  • Marketing communication ability: the air column bag can print logo, QR code, propaganda and other marketing information, with good marketing communication ability.

Air Cushion Machine For Air Column Bag

Air cushion machine

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