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Multi-Pillow Air Cushion Film

ShinerPack air cushion films are made from 100% recyclable air bag packing material. It has outstanding impact resistance and puncture resistance. It is superb packaging material designed to avoid crash during the transportation, absorb the shock energy by expanding the film without break up. ShinerPack inflatable packing material are strong, clean, low cost and environmentally friendly.

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Multi-pillow air cushion film

ShinerPack uses 100% recyclable raw materials to produce high quality air cushion packaging. They consist of 100 percent recycled material and maintain the same outstanding cushioning protective performance.

Air cushion films are ideal protective packaging to protect products in shipping boxes during transport. ShinerPack’s 100% recycled cushioning films are recyclable and help our customers booming their bussiness in green.


Save storage cost and transportation cost.
Save your warehouse before it is inflated.
On-demand film making machine.
Strong protective performance

air cushion machine perforated air cushion film air cushion film

air cushion film

air cushion film

air cushion film




300m*40cm ( 984'*16“)




20 microns, or custom thickness

Net weight

4.2kg ( 9.26 pounds)

Peforated every

25cm (10" )

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