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Save Packaging Cost Material– Air Pillow Bag

Do you know waht is air pilow bag?

Air Pillow Bag is a bubble like air bag filled in the packing box to prevent articles from being crushed or deformed due to vibration during transportation. Used to fill carton space.

The materials used to make air pillow bags are generally linear low-density polyethylene (LDPE) or high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The coiled material products processed into film shape by machine form independent air bags after inflation by inflator, which can be torn into independent individuals. It is mainly used for filling and protection of product packaging gap, and has strong impact resistance. The appearance is clean and tidy, with first-class seismic effect. It is a filling product used more in the filling market at present.

Look! There Are a Lot of Benefits From Air Pillow Bag!

  • The material adopts LDPE and HDPE coextrusion, which has the advantages of high strength, good toughness and rigidity, as well as good impact strength, tear strength and other properties. Suitable for transportation buffer and product protection.
  • It is green and recyclable. The raw materials used are degradable and do not contain toxic and toxic heavy metals, meeting the requirements of environmental protection. Under any conditions, such as production / use / placement or recycling, the raw materials or finished products are completely clean and will not cause any pollution and no environmental protection problems.
  • Excellent product image. The shape of the pillow bag is transparent, light and beautiful, and has strong protection function. Its green and environmental protection characteristics will help you to integrate with the trend of “low-carbon economy” strongly advocated by today’s society, and fulfill a social responsibility for environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, which will greatly improve the image of your company and products.
  • Before inflation, the bag is flat, which can save transportation cost, low filling cost, remarkable effect, good protection, strong elastic recovery, good packaging image and environmental protection. The air pillow bag is not only suitable for the filling of all kinds of bags and handbags, but also suitable for the filling of all kinds of cartons and product packaging space.


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