Air Cushion Film

Air cushion films are particularly good at protecting fragile products through Block & Brace, Cushioning & Coiling, Wrap & Cross, Void Fill and Wrap & Layer. Products listing: air pillow packaging, air bubble film, air cushion films.

air bubble packaging

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Air cushion films are the ideal solution for effectively protecting fragile goods in transit from vibration, filling voids, and blocking and bracing products in the carton. ShinerPack’s air cushion systems produce on-demand air cushion packaging – Whether large, medium or small business owners, our air cushion systems help speed up your delivery.

It saves valuable storage space and perfectly adapts the packing process to meet on-site packaging. ShinerPack manufactures a variety of film types and cushioning shapes to ensure all your products are perfectly protected. Air pillow packaging, air cushion film and air bubble film are superb cushioning protective packaging for glassware, ceramics, household appliances, cosmetics and wine bottles, etc.

Less packaging materials offer exceptional protective performance – Saving your cost, reducing shipping damage and earning more money.