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air column bag

Air Column Wrap Roll

Air column Wrap Roll is also called buffer air column roll and inflatable roll. The air column roll completely wraps the product, which can well protect the product during transportation. It is a new type of packaging material in the 21st century. Packaging items: glasses,circuit,boards,books,liquid items,handbags,suitcase,bags,electroniccs, glass jars and bottles, such as vinegars, syrups, minced garlics, spices, bbq sauces, etc.


  • Customized: we can produce different sizes air column wrap roll, 20cm,25cm,30cm, 40cm and so on , max size is 120cm.
  • Reduce costs : The traditional packaging material which is a large amount of space ,such as paper and small bubble cushion wrap, causing increase in the cost of the products’ packaging , because the shipping cost is higher.
  • Our air cushion roll which is consist of 99% air and 1% film that is very light in weight and flat film before inflating, so you can reduce the shipping cost highly , because the volume is too small , the shipping cost will be lower than traditional packaging material.
  • Perfect air cushion protection: our air column film which is used nine-layer co-extruded film that is HDPE and PA(nylon) material, the air bubble roll is very strong to protect all different goods.

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