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Top Packaging Material–Air Bubble Film

Air Cushion Bubble Wrap with Stronger Buffer Effect, Lower Cost, YOUR Own Customized Logo to Improve Image…

The Advantage of Air Bubble Film Wrap

  • Protect your products 360 degree from damaged during shipment
  • Reduce your material cost (1%PE+99%air) and shipping costs. Very cost effective alternative compared to other traditional protective packaging materials
  • Compact packaging, save your warehouse space and storage charge
  • Heat seal, no need air valve, lower cost
  • Perforated for easy tear-off design, easy to use
  • Improve your packing efficiency
  • Save your labor cost
  • Eco-friendly, recyclable and reusable
  • It will be a good valuable investment for you

Air Cushion Machine For Air Bubble Film

On-demand air cushion machine (also called air pillow machines, air packaging machine, air fill machine, bubble wrap machine, inflatable air packaging system) used to inflate air pillows, air pouches, bubble packaging, packing air cushions, bubble wrap and many different types of air filled packing material.

You will save a lot of money on storage charge, labor cost and shipping cost after use air cushion machine as your packaging solution.

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Air Packaging

Inflatable air packaging (air pillows for shipping / packaging bubble / air cushion film / packing air bags / air pocket packaging / air column roll / air column bag / inflatable wine bottle protector) are designed to meet the protective packaging needs, like void fill, wrapping, cushioning and protect your products conveniently. All of these air packing material can be inflated by our air packing machine automatically.

You will not return back to the traditional protective packaging material after you use inflatable air cushion packaging, because you will earn more than you paid.

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