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Sourcing your fast, reliable air cushion machine at extraordinary sale prices. Buy 100 rolls of air cushion film to get a free machine. For a limited time!

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Air Cushion Machinefrom $179.00

Fast, on-demand packaging. Air pillow machine fills air pillows or bubble film to pack your products.

Air Cushion Filmfrom $19.99

Inflatable air pillow film and bubble film provide extra protection for your valuables during shipping.

air column bag cushion packaging
Air Column Packingfrom $39.00

Air column bag is an innovative inflatable protective packaging solution that creats air cushions on demand.

We manufacture and sell

air bubble pouch

Inflatable Bubble Pouch

Superior protective packaging
$ 39
Start from
  • Save up to 60% storage space
  • Improve shipping efficiency by 30%
  • Save packaging costs up to 40%
  • Aesthetically pleasing packaging provides for a better unboxing experience
  • Compatible with ShinerPack air cushion machine.

Saving space

Air cushion packing materials are flat before inflation. It absorbs shocks and returns to its original size and shape after each deformation.


Saving time

Air protective packaging takes less space,  less labor, less time to finish the packaging. Less is more, saving is earning.

Saving money

Making money

Transparent air cushion packaging enhances product image and first impression – What you see is what you get. 

ShinerPack - Protective Packaging Solutions

Experimental Design

Safe shipping of fragile items is critical to businesses and consumers. Experiment design help to develop effective protective packaging including structural support and cushioning.

Custom Packaging

Our packaging experts can help you navigate both common and new challenges and develop the effective air cushion packaging solutions you need.

Maximize Product Protection – Minimize Cost

We focus on maximizing product protection while minimizing cost. Our custom and patented products include air pillow machine, air colum bag, air bubble film, honeycomb paper and other cushioning protective packaging materials in virtually every shape and size to meet the specific packaging requirements for a variety of industries, including: